MVP in six weeks. For just $20K

Finding difficult to hire people? Are agencies just too expensive?
We build your first product within six weeks.

ShipFast.AI - Build your MVP in six weeks, for just $20K | Product Hunt

You must build fast and test out your idea.

Startups have one goal: To grow fast.

To grow fast, you must spend time and money building a product that customers really want.

The only way to figure that out is to build fast, and experiment.

That’s what is for. We build your first product in six weeks, and allow you to test your idea fast.

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Build Fast
We build an “awesome” first product in six weeks.
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& Test with the Market
Founders can test with the market. Is it solving your customer’s problems? Our first product will enable a feedback loop for you.

Founders go to next level through our MVPs

Built MVPs10& counting
Have gone on to raise$500M

Why Six Weeks?

Honestly. It’s not a new concept.

We will be honest. Six weeks is not a new concept. We first heard about “six weeks” from Basecamp.

But, six weeks is perfect.

When we applied six weeks to our projects, we found it worked.

Six weeks are long enough to build something meaningful.

But, it’s also short enough that you don’t go into analysis paralysis mode.

So, when we’re building your MVP

We don’t give ourselves room for excuses (our Project Managers hate us!).

Our promise to you is simple - six weeks. We sit down on a call with you, prioritize features that we can build in six weeks. And voila, you have a MVP ready-to-test in six weeks.

If you’re impressed (and you will be), we can continue our partnership further, and commit to more six-week cycles.

How does working with look like?

Step 1

Sit on a discovery call
with us

Step 2

We break down your project.
Then, we sit down with you to
prioritize features that we can
build in six weeks.

Step 3

You don’t have to do anything else!

We assemble a six-person team to deliver your product. We micromanage. We fix problems and send you updates every week (or every two days, whatever you prefer!)
Step 4

Launch your MVP in 6 weeks

The founders we work with usually look like this:

Have a clear understanding of the problem and solution

You know the "whys" behind the problem you're trying to solve. You're clear on the solution you're offering. You can prioritize features that you want to build within six weeks.

Want to start out lean

You want to get out to the market quick and understand you'll have to laser focus on a few core aspects of your solution. You have a clear set of hypotheses and want to build MVP to test them out.

Looking to learn, get feedback on the idea

You understand that an idea is just an idea. And MVP (we call it a Minimum Awesome Product) is a way to enable a feedback loop to understand whether your customers really need that solution.

Comparison with traditional agencies & Managing Freelancers


  • Will deliver (if it’s a good agency)
  • No micromanagement
  • Costs 2x more
  • Extra add-on costs
  • Extra reporting costs
ShipFast AI


  • Delivery guaranteed (MVP in six weeks)
  • No micromanagement required
  • Cost-friendly
  • No long-term contract
  • No added costs (QA, Project Managers included)


  • Will deliver (but only if you hire well)
  • Have to micro-manage people
  • Requires long-term commitment
  • Extra costs related to insurance, bonuses
  • Requires training for reporting
You get


MVP built in 6 weeks

  • Includes a team of 4 developers
  • Includes dedicated PM and an additional QA for testing
  • Includes priority features for your MVP that can be fit into timeline of six weeks


Build your Startup

Build your first product in 6 weeks.

Hop on a call with us today, and get started.